S U P P O R T   U S

We love making content for you! We have so much fun being creative and goofing off with you, but running a video series, a podcast, and a blog takes A LOT of time and quite a bit of funds.


Whether it's through commissioning a piece from Cameron, hiring Logan for a magic gig, or donating your spare change through our ko-fi account, every little bit adds up.


Etsy Shop

In our etsy shop, you can make custom orders, buy merchandise, or get prints of Cam's art!


Need some live entertainment?

Hire Logan for a gig!

Check his website and email him for a quote.


donate your change!

Even if you don't want to order art or watch a show, you can still help us out. If you're been following along, then you KNOW how much we love coffee. Consider sharing your spare change through Kofi to help us refuel and bring you more content!

Not everyone has the resources or extra cash to throw our way and that is OKAY.

We're just happy you're here!

All we ask is that you share what we do with your friends.

(We still love you even if you don't.)

T H A N K   Y O U